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The news that the banks granted 25,356 million through consumer loans during the past year and that during the year we have already been 768 million, as reported by the Bank of Spain, has not left Indifferent movif who has decided to make the jump to this sector with the launch of Good Finance Money.

Specifically, the operator has designed pre-granted consumer loans to the company’s customers. Thus, they can immediately and easily access loans with amounts of up to 3,000 euros.

Among its advantages, that customers should not provide documentation or be subject to opening or study commissions. All a sweet expert who sure gives the bell during this summer, do not you think?

Before the scoop, our comparator of urgent loans has decided to examine the conditions and put the magnifying glass in the small print of Good Finance Money in order, once again, to inform potential clients.

Therefore, we have broken down the information into sections so that the subject is crystalline.

We explain how urgent the credits of Good Finance Money

We explain how urgent the credits of Good Finance Money

As mentioned earlier, such credits are only available to the operator’s clientele; a circumstance that, without a doubt, decreases its field of action. However, it enriches its offer because now its users have one more service. Of course, Good Finance maximizes customer data with this new product.

Thus, since June 6, Good Finance Money is initially open for customers who have financed a mobile phone through Telefónica Consumer Finance (TCF).

In addition, Telefónica informs that the process is completed in three simple steps, from any device and without the client being forced to change banks.

But what company will offer these urgent loans really?


This loan service is paid by Telefónica Consumer Finance (TCF), which is no more than the subsidiary that the operator has in equal shares with GoodBank Consumer Finance. This is also the one that normally assumes the financing of terminals for Good Finance customers.

What amounts can be requested with the pre-granted loans of this new financial?

What amounts can be requested with the pre-granted loans of this new financial?

Regarding the amounts, users can choose an amount that ranges from 600 to 3,000 euros. On the other hand, the fees can be 12, 24 or 36 months.

The interest rates set by Good Finance Money – and regardless of the term we choose – are around 16.5%.



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