Postponing installments can save you from a debt spiral & bull

Who ever was in Liberec knows that the city is surrounded by mountains from all sides. There is no honey in the winter and Mr. Kharel also knew it. He lives alone and is entirely dependent on his car.

He bought a used Honda quite recently, even though he knew that a new car would be better in difficult conditions. But he did not have the money for this and he already took a loan of 100 000 CZK from us to buy used cars.

In its negotiation, he decided to think of unexpected expenses and signed an agreement on deferred payment service . Each month, in addition to the regular installment paid a few extra crowns for the certainty that if he got into financial problems, he will be able to defer repayment of the loan for a month.


There were problems with the winter


Honda survived the first winter without difficulty, but after a year the mileage has been done. In January of this year, after getting out of work, the car became angry, the dashboard light came on and Mr. Rhodes had no choice but to shut him down and call the car service.

The summoned technicians identified the leak of the coolant into the oil as the cause of the problems, and their voice did not please Mr. Kharel. He should have prepared that his Honda will spend at least a week in a car repair shop and will pay around 15,000 CZK for repair.


Unexpected expenditure can surprise everyone

Unexpected expenditure can surprise everyone

But the problem was far greater. Without a car, Mr. Kharel could not get to work, because the bus, which runs only three times a day, it has an hour’s journey. In addition, due to the snow is often delayed or even not at all.

So he took a vacation and started to act. It was clear to him that if he paid for the repair of his car, he would not be left with a regular monthly payment. He immediately called us to inform us about the problem.


Postponing installments at Angelicau

Postponing installments at Angelicau

During a call to the client center , Mr. Kharel asked about the possibility of postponing the monthly payment. We met him because he had paid at least 6 installments before . In January he was able to pay for car repairs without worrying about the loan repayment.

If you are in a similar situation to Mr. Kharel for an operator to discuss the next steps. In any case, do not forget the basic rule and always solve the repayment problems actively .

Anyone who has signed the agreement is entitled to the deferred monthly repayment service and can defer the repayment for every 12 months of the contract . So if he has a 4-year contract, he can defer up to 4 installments, which is also the maximum.


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