6 Best Spelling and Grammar Checkers No Download

Whether you’re not confident in your writing abilities and want to make sure your next email is perfect, or you just want to double-check your writing, spelling and grammar checkers can be really helpful.

There are many reasons why you might need a spelling or grammar checker. But if you want to avoid installing an entirely new program or extension on your browser, you might struggle to find something.

Luckily, you don’t have to search anymore. Here are six of the best no-download spelling and grammar checkers available online.

A screenshot of the Hemingway app landing page

The very first entry on this list is the Hemingway app. Inspired by the American author of the same name, this web service makes it quick and easy to learn about your writing and how you could improve it.

The Hemingway app essentially functions as a text editor. You can write anything you need to write directly in the web page. If you prefer to write what you write elsewhere, however, that’s perfectly fine too. All you have to do is copy your writing into the editor.

From there, the Hemingway app will automatically highlight your handwriting in a variety of colors. Sentences highlighted in yellow and red are difficult to read, with sentences in red being harder to understand than sentences in yellow


Purple highlights indicate words that the Hemingway app can substitute for more forced writing, and adverbs highlighted in blue. The green highlights are for passive voice instances.

The Hemingway app also displays the number of words you write, as well as characters, letters, etc. It also shows the expected reading time and readability measured in grade level.

A screenshot of the LanguageTool home page

If you’re looking for something that you can use quickly but can still integrate just about anything you might need, then LanguageTool might be a good choice for you.

LanguageTool highlights spelling, punctuation, and style errors in a variety of different colors. You can copy and paste anything you’ve written directly into their editor, or just write it there in the first place.

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Support for multiple languages ​​is also offered in LanguageTool, and impressively, you can upload Word documents directly into LanguageTool if Word’s default spelling and grammar checks aren’t good enough.

However, LanguageTool has a limit of only 10,000 characters. You can increase this limit if you’re willing to pay for more premium options, which also include more extensive grammar, punctuation, and style checking, and a number of other features.

A screenshot of the phrase checker landing page

Phrase Checker takes a simple, no-frills approach to spelling and grammar checking. Its use is simple, all you have to do is type or paste your text directly into the text box.

With one click, you can check your text, which Sentence Checker will run through its proofreading software and return to you with spelling mistakes, grammar errors, and style issues, all highlighted in a variety of colors.

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If what you’re looking for is something that’s readily available and easy to use, then Phrase Checker might just be the best option for you.

A screenshot of the online spell check landing page

Next on the list is online spell checking. If you’re looking for something that won’t automatically update as you write, but still leave you with plenty of information to work with.

Online spell check allows you to insert any text into its editor, which it then processes. It will automatically fix glaring mistakes for you, while less obvious ones will be highlighted for you to personally assess.

Online Spellcheck’s approach is a little more simplistic than others but without limits. You can upload large texts without worrying that there is a limit to spell checking, although particularly long documents may take a little longer than shorter documents.

A screenshot of the online correction landing page

If you’re looking for a spell checker that will dynamically flag any errors you may have made while also having the ability to get more information after you’re done, consider checking out the online spell checker.

Inline proofreading works like many others on this list, highlighting any perceived errors as you write. You can hover your mouse over any of these errors to see a description and a list of possible fixes.

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Once you are done with what you wanted to write, you can then submit the text for further review. Online correction will review and tally all errors of each type for easy identification.

A screenshot of the writer landing page

Finally, we have Writer. Writer is an online grammar checker with integrations available for most browsers. Its main purpose is to help writing look more professional by correcting spelling and grammar.

Writer does this through a machine learning approach, relying on feeding a deep learning system with millions of examples so Writer’s AI can get a good idea of ​​what’s going on. seems appropriate or not in the workplace.

With the free version of Writer, this means fairly simple corrections: grammar, spelling, punctuation. If you’re a professional, you can expand those options by subscribing to Writer’s premium plan, which includes additional features like writing with clarity, delivery, and inclusiveness.

Where Writer really shines, however, is with its plans designed for businesses and teams. Here, Writer allows you to set up a graphic charter and manage terminology.

This way, it becomes easier than ever for you to ensure that everyone on your team or company uses the same language when dealing with others.

Online spelling and grammar checkers are incredibly useful tools when you need to quickly check your writing, but they’re not the only tool you should have in your arsenal.

Ultimately, there are a wide variety of options you can choose to use. The only thing stopping you from using more than one or mixing and matching is how careful you want to be to make sure your writing excels.

Consider trying other spelling and grammar checkers, both free and premium. Autocorrect, for example, can do a lot.

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