A Composer Has Remixed The Elden Ring Theme Song In 15 Styles And They’re All Rock

I’ll admit up front that I’m downright moved by the game’s theme songs. The list of title screens that give me a teary eye is long, and the horn and drum-filled theme song from Elden Ring is definitely on there. . Producer, composer and video game lover Alex Moukala shares the love of a great theme song. He’s remixed Elden Ring in no less than 15 different styles, showcased in a video that gives me happy goosebumps instead of girlless tears.

Listen here to Moukala who covers the Elden Ring theme song in nu-disco, metal, jazz, blood-sounding baroque and reggae styles, with costume changes.

“What if Elden Ring was set in a multiverse that you can explore, where the genre of the game changes depending on what universe you’re in?” Moukala says style mashup. Credit where it’s due for the high concept, 2 Morning Thoughts, but I’m a simple woman and just think it’s great to hear a musician with Moukala’s skill level riff on tunes I know.

The Elden Ring theme song is especially fun for exercise. The powerful main horn melody is recognizable across the styles, although it took me a while to figure out the elevator jazz. I’m also glad to see that, in keeping with YouTube remix tradition, Moukala made sure to add a lo-fi version. Ten seconds of the Elden Ring soundtrack to study, you know.

If I had to pick one of the theoretical multiverses from Moukala’s Elden Ring game as my favorite, I’d have to go with the darksynth style. That background organ and beat sounds like it’s straight out of an Elden Ring Castlevania-style side-scrolling demake – a genre I suck at, but would love to see someone else play.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of stopping at a video of Moukala in your TikTok scroll or YouTube dives, he’s done plenty more video game music covers. Don’t miss Moukala and a few other musicians reimagining the Final Fantasy 14 Endwalker theme in the style of a lively pop rock opener.

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