Alienware Concept Nyx game server box software to aggregate and stream from all stores

A week ago, Alienware announced and teased its new Concept Nyx game server solution. It is a box designed to allow multiple PC games to be streamed to other devices and played at the same time.

Currently, we’ve only seen a few reactions to the hands-on demos, and there’s almost no information on what’s actually in the box. When contacting Dell, we had some of our questions about Nyx concept answered by David Zavelson of the company’s Experience Innovation group. Alienware is keeping pretty tight-lipped about what’s under the Concept Nyx’s hood, but we’ve managed to get some clarification on some aspects of the game streaming solution.

Unfortunately, as stated earlier, we still don’t know what the actual Concept Nyx specs are, but that’s largely because Dell is still experimenting with those aspects. Zavelson explained that many facets come together, both in hardware and software.

“The iteration we showcased builds on the core expertise of the Dell and Alienware gaming platform, but was designed in tandem with the Concept Nyx software stack for a class of game streaming experiences different from anything that exists today.”

Given that there are current demos, a ballpark price or even a ballpark price would be nice, but with all the current changes and challenges in the market, it makes sense for Dell to keep this a secret.

Zavelson also clarified the intent behind Concept Nyx. We took it as a PC to replace four, which is sort of but for those who want the top tier gaming PC experience, a dedicated PC is the way to review something like Concept Nyx . It’s not designed to give you the excellence of the most ray-traced FPS level, rather it’s about doing a good job of streaming multiple games to multiple screens of all kinds at once.

“We are able to support simultaneous gameplay of multiple users thanks to the complete conceptual solution we have created, which is a combination of hardware and software – the core element of which is a high-performance edge server.” explained Zavelson. “We are not yet sharing details on internal components, but we are leveraging our breadth of skills and expertise in Dell technologies. »

Alienware nyx Concept

(Image credit: Dell)

Again, we probably won’t see many details about Concept Nyx’s hardware anytime soon, but we did manage to find out a bit more about the software. From the demos, we couldn’t tell which stores were supported or which software was used to stream. Dell has confirmed that this is proprietary streaming software, which will work from multiple stores like Steam and Epic, which actually sounds pretty cool even without that server box.

“We designed the Concept Nyx user interface to be an aggregated view of all your PC game titles, regardless of where they were purchased. So no matter what device you’re playing on, you can see a common view and be able to quickly launch and play any of your games. Concept Nyx could allow you to play games from virtually any store and, more importantly, have multiple games running simultaneously from different devices.

Alienware nyx concept game server

An interpretation of using a single server across multiple screens. (Image credit: Dell)

An aggregate store for PC is not a new concept, you can add other games to Steam and stream them with remote play, and GoG Galaxy has been around for years as a way to see all your games in one place . But it’s a bit niche and requires configuration work and know-how from the user. Something that does this natively and presents all your games as streaming options when connected to seems like a promising development. It would be especially nice if this software could be used in other versions. Even unique streaming PCs could potentially benefit from software like this when you want to take a break and play on the couch.

Again, the viability of Concept Nyx will depend on price. A household looking to play together will hopefully be able to buy one for less than making a comparable setup each, and of course, if not, what’s the point? Many households have one screen per person, but not necessarily a PC to use it, and this could be a great solution for shared homes and families. Again, hardcore PC gamers looking for the ultimate experience will have to look elsewhere, but with the current shortage of chips, one PC should be easier to get than four.

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