AMD AM4 platform will be supported for much longer, is software support and new hardware suggested?

AMD’s AM4 platform has benefited both AMD and the company’s customers for the past five years. Last night, or this morning or afternoon, depending on your time zone, the company unveiled the new AM5 platform and the company’s roadmap for the number of years to come. However, what will become of popular AMD AM4 technology, such as the currently released Ryzen 7 5800X3D processor? Will the company offer additional support? AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su gave hope to those happy with their AM4 processors and perhaps gave a glimmer of hope for new designs to keep manufacturing.

AMD AM4 platform continues to be supported by company with promise of updates and new motherboard designs confirmed

AMD AM4 currently supports five architectures, four process nodes, and 125 processor elements. Dr. Lisa Su and company claimed that motherboard fellows for AMD have built an additional 500 new board designs that will be compatible with the previous generation.

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What will happen to AM4 technology when AM5 is on the horizon? The standard for most companies when releasing a new series or next-generation product is a guarantee of continued support for several years, up to ten years or a bit longer. In other words, as long as the company is willing to devote resources to the technology.

But, with the inclusion of more partners developing even more than 500 designs for AM4, we will see continued software support through driver updates and possible applications and new techniques. AMD continues to ship Zen2 processors this year, believing that AMD plans to launch a newer or refreshed Zen3 processor or focus on current AM4 lines to provide lower cost opportunities and more choices for consumers and businesses . AMD’s Zem4 will be the premium option available for purchase when it launches later this year.

There is speculation about Dr. Su’s wording indicating a “multi-year continuation” for AM4 technology. The AMD 600 series motherboards feature more robust power and improved support for current next-gen DDR5 memory and PCIe Gen5 devices.

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The statement made by Dr. Su and company at this year’s Computex 2022 may not be clear, but the continued support of AM4 technology from now until the release of the AM5 is a huge benefit for users.

Source: Neowin, AMD

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