AMD loses ground in Steam Hardware & Software survey results from August 2021

Each month, Steam publishes a survey describing the hardware and software used by its user base. This is not an ideal way to keep tabs on changes in consumption as the numbers are not perfect and the fluctuations can be a little weird at times, but it is still a useful way to keep an eye out for general trends. and see where players â„¢ flock.

This month’s results paint a negative picture for AMD (compared to previous months) and an unusually happy picture for Windows 7, otherwise known as the operating system coming before Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10. and the upcoming Windows 11 release. Somehow, so many years after Windows 7 came into the limelight, the operating system still retains 8.68% of Steam users’ machines (in 3.2% increase compared to last month).

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For reference, Windows 10 (64-bit) is at 86.64%, while Windows 8.1 (64-bit) is at 0.76%. According to the August 2021 results, Windows 7 64-bit has more users under its umbrella than OSX and Linux combined.

On the flip side of success, AMD lost the steady progress it made in May of this year when it managed to briefly control over 30% of the processor market share among Steam users. Now it has fallen to 27.31%, a drop of 1.88% from last month. AMD also lost ground on the GPU front, with its best graphics cards losing around 1% control between July and August, leaving the company’s cards with just 14.05% of the market.

We’ll see how things play out next month as well as in October, when Windows 11 is here to change operating system stats.

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