Apple says iPhone 13 Pro pink screen issue is a software issue and mentions a solution

Several owners of the iPhone 13 series continue to report an issue with their phone’s screen. The screen of the affected models turns pink or purple and these handsets cannot be used.

Positions in the Apple Communities Forum about this issue (via 9to5Mac) started in October when a user named DPigar wrote that “I’ve been using an iPhone 13 pro for two days (sic) and my screen goes pink for a few seconds then reloads. It happens all the time so I can’t not use my iPhone. Why?” Two images were attached to the post showing the user’s iPhone 13 Pro with an all-purple screen,

Some Apple iPhone users suffer from pink screen bug

This post was followed by another post from another iPhone 13 Pro user claiming to have the same issue. Apparently, Apple did some behind-the-scenes maneuvering to replace these faulty phones as a message from the company appended to both messages read, “Issue has been resolved. Device replacement (authorized service conclusion).”

But here’s the thing. Many other iPhone 13 users have complained about this problem and not all of them were lucky enough to get a replacement from Apple. Check out this sad story posted on the Forum by an iPhone 13 Pro Max user who goes by the name “Calisthrone”. He has owned an expensive handset for less than two months when the device starts performing unexpected reboots with the screen off, his screen randomly turns pink and the device becomes unstable.

Apple diagnosed the problem as a faulty motherboard. But here is where Apple drops the ball. It promises to give the owner a “rear system replacement”, which means the owner keeps the screen and camera system and any defective parts are replaced.

That shouldn’t be okay because this man spent a lot of money on Apple’s high end handset and now he’s going to pick up from Apple (after being left without a phone for 7-14 working days) a frankenstein handset put developed by the mad scientists at Apple. “Calisthrone” writes: “The problem is that the phone has only been active for less than 2 months and I would be very happy if they could offer a brand new replacement unit.”

Now comes one of the main reasons why what Apple is doing isn’t right. Returning to the post, the iPhone 13 Pro Max owner said, “It’s not so nice to have my iPhone empty after such a short time. And my iPhone would be marked as ‘repaired’, so I will lose the value of my device trying to sell it in the future.”

His latest thought doesn’t present Apple in a good light. “Apple’s customer service isn’t as wonderful as it used to be. I don’t have a decent device in my pocket anymore and paid for a premium device hoping to find some premium type of service. Something very natural is a replacement unit.”

Apple says the problem is a software glitch and suggests users install the latest iOS 15.3 beta

The list of similar stories goes on and on. “Disappointed_User8” wrote a long post in which the pink screen surfaced on his device after just six days. After exclaiming that it was a hardware device and asking the owner to take the phone to the nearest service center, Apple reversed its position and asked the owner to collect the device after have done nothing but charge it.

Although loading stopped the issue, it was a temporary fix. Forced to configure his phone from scratch after Apple reset the device, the problem started again. Here’s this disappointed iPhone owner’s take on the situation: “The phone is very expensive but unreliable. The stress it causes me and its effect on my mental health thinking about how I did trusted Apple and paid a large sum for a faulty unit, but not having proper after-sales service is very very disappointing.”

The last date on the thread is January 16 of this year, which means this is an ongoing issue. Because most of the pink screen issues happened in China, My Drivers noted that Apple made a statement on Weibo last weekend that read, “We have not noticed any relevant issues in the hardware of the devices because this situation [pink screen] is caused when the system is locked.”
Apple recommends that users back up their data, join the iOS Beta Software program, and Install the latest iOS 15.3 beta update in case the pink screen is caused by an incompatibility between an app version and the iOS version. However, it seems that the list of changes for the latest iOS 15.3 beta does not mention a fix for a pink screen bug. Hopefully Apple gets to the bottom of this and releases a fix. And if that is impossible, replacing the affected models with new replacements would be the right thing to do.

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