Apple to push software update to fix FaceID after screen repairs

At the moment, iPhone 13 screen repairs through third-party service centers make the FaceID system completely useless. The problem is apparently caused by a new chip present on the flex cable that connects the screen to the motherboard. Technicians apparently wouldn’t use the same flex cable after repair.

The process of removing the new flex cable chip on the broken screen takes a lot of effort and time, compared to the screen repair of the previous generation of iPhone. The new chip would be used to connect the iPhone 13 screen to the single motherboard inside the device.

The iPhone 13 screen repair process also requires special tools that would not be readily available. According to GSMArena, most stores that deal with iPhone repairs do not have the necessary tools for iPhone 13 screen replacement. As a result, newer iPhone 13s being repaired at third-party repair centers. turn out to be completely unnecessary.

Apple has reported that it plans to push a software update to resolve the issue. The update would allow iPhone 13 devices to function perfectly normally after a screen replacement procedure. Repaired devices should not have the same microcontroller chip as the old broken screen.

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The upcoming iPhone 13 software update will be of huge benefit to third-party repair shops as well as consumers who could get iPhone 13 serviced for less. Apple hasn’t said when it plans to release the software update, but it doesn’t look far from a public release.

Apple released the iPhone 13 at its September event this year, as part of the launch of its flagship series of smartphones. The company released the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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