Arc Control is Intel’s GPU software with no login requirement

Arc Control is a complete GPU software stack for gamers and creators

Intel Graphics’ entry into the PC gaming market simply couldn’t happen without good GPU companion software.

Intel Arc Control is GPU management software for driver downloading and game optimization for Arc and Xe Iris GPUs. It competes with software such as NVIDIA GeForce Experience or AMD Radeon Software, both of which have been updated for years and have proven useful for many time-consuming tasks.

Intel Arc Control, Source: Intel

NVIDIA and AMD have gone above and beyond to add as many features as gamers would like as possible. However, this often makes the software unnecessarily complicated or over-engineered by adding features that are already available elsewhere (think NVIDIA NIS) or later forces companies to offer “minimal” installation options (like Radeon Software) by due to an oversized feature stack.

Intel Arc is here to stay as the third major software GPU, taking control of the graphics card’s most important features, such as downloading the latest drivers or optimizing game settings for the best experience. This software, like AMD’s, will not require users to log in.

Intel Arc Control (Driver Update tab), Source: Intel

Intel went a step further by adding performance monitoring and overclocking options to the software. The Arc Control will have a built-in telemetry overlay that can be opened via a simple Alt + O hotkey. It should be noted that the overclocking functionality will only be available for desktop GPUs, however.

Intel Arc Control (Performance tab), Source: Intel

Intel Arc Control will also support video streaming through the built-in creative studio. This also includes Intel Virtual Camera technology which adds artificial intelligence magic to maintain focus or add background blur to captured live video.

This, combined with Arc GPU’s AV1 encoding, will certainly not go unnoticed by gamers who also like to stream content at the highest quality. AV1 is a new open standard with 20% higher efficiency than HEVC (H.265) or 50% higher than H.264. A demo of this in action can be found here.

Intel Arc Control (features), source: Intel

Intel Arc Control is available starting today. You can download the latest driver here. Note that it currently only works with Arc and Iris Xe GPUs and there is a long list of known issues.


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