Auto Click for Chromebook Devices: Download and User Guide

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The humble Auto Clicker for Chromebook is a great tool to help rest your fingers and increase your clicks per second (CPS) when performing monotonous clicking tasks. They can be useful for games, for example when you need to mine resources like in Rust, Minecraft or other titles, but be aware that if you use them on online servers you could get banned for being a cheater.

Other non-gaming tasks that require repetitive clicking can also benefit from Auto-Selector, especially if you have a disability (permanent or temporary) that prevents you from clicking the laptop’s trackpad or mouse /chromebook.

What is a Chromebook Auto-Selector?

An auto-clicker is an application on your Windows/Mac computer, laptop, or Chromebook that lets you click your mouse artificially, without you having to do it yourself. You can usually change the click speed to be faster than a human can physically handle (or set a large time interval between each click if you prefer), as well as the click propagation size on the screen and the rate at which clicks are made. This can be useful in games or other scenarios where repetitive clicking tasks take place.

How to Download and Use a Free Auto Clicker for Chromebook

The best solution to get an auto clicker for Chromebook requires you to download CTG plugins (courtesy of creative technician) which is a “collection of simple plugins to enhance your web browsing experience”. These go beyond the automatic click, but you can enable/disable them as you wish when you click “Add to Chrome”.

Uncheck any plugins you don’t want, making sure that Automatic click is checked for Authorized.

Once you’ve installed the CTG plugin, follow the steps below to set up auto-click on your Chromebook.

In the lower right corner of your Chromebook’s desktop, select the Time icon which will open the system menu. The same action can also be performed by pressing the key Alt+Shift+S keys at the same time.

Auto click for Chromebook select settings button

Click it Settings gear icon, then navigate to the icon Menu. Alternatively, access More menu items by opening the advanced settings.

Auto Clicker for Chromebook Accessibility

To select Accessibility then click Manage accessibility settings/features.

Click on Mouse and touchpad.

Auto clicker for chromebook how to customize

Enable Cursor Auto click when mouse pointer stops.

A ring will now appear next to your cursor whenever it stops moving: if it doesn’t move for a pre-determined amount of time (based on custom settings – see below), the auto-clicker will start.

Auto clicker for chromebook how to customize

  • Delay before click: This is how long you can leave the cursor still before it starts clicking automatically. Click on Delay and a drop-down menu will appear where you can choose a delay between 0.6 and 4 seconds.
  • Stabilize click location: If you select this option, the ring will remain stationary until you move the cursor away from it.
  • Return to left click after action: When enabled, the click action reverts to left-click after you perform a different action, such as double-click or right-click.
  • Movement threshold: The amount you need to move the cursor, before leaving it still, for the automatic click to begin.

Auto click for chromebook click action menu

After selecting Auto click when mouse pointer stops the standard action will be a left click. If you wish, you can choose a different action from the context menu. In order from left to right, they are:

  • left click
  • Right click
  • Double click
  • Click and Drag
  • Scroll (around the screen)
  • Pause auto-click
  • Toggle menu position (moves the menu on the screen).

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Last word

This has been our guide on how to download and enable auto clicker for Chromebook devices. We hope this has helped rest your tired fingers. Be sure to check out our other laptop guides and articles, including other how-to guides, as well as buyer’s guides for specific brands of laptops and Chromebooks.

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