Box Genie introduces Highcon to support its growing e-commerce platform for corrugated packaging

The Highcon Euclid installed at Box Genie’s facility in Kansas City, MO supports a complete digital workflow from print to finished product.

Yavne/Kansas City: Box Genie, an on-demand e-commerce platform for corrugated packaging, has begun full production on the Highcon Euclid 5C digital converter system. The Highcon Euclid is installed at Box Genie’s facility in Kansas City, MO to support a complete digital workflow from print to finished product. Less than two weeks after installation, Box Genie has already started full production.

Box Genie, founded by a third-generation family-owned packaging manufacturer, began production in 2021 as an e-commerce packaging supplier specializing in corrugated packaging for small and medium-sized businesses. The company specializes in personalized mailboxes of various shapes, colors, sizes and designs. Box Genie chose the Highcon for its ability to reduce tooling costs and shorten lead times without sacrificing quality.

“Box Genie was particularly interested in reducing lead times to better service small to medium size orders and meet our customers’ needs for custom boxes,” said James Beard, COO Box Genie. Highcon digital finishing allows us to increase throughput and cutting capacity as well as the ability to run custom boxes and displays and consolidate multiple jobs to improve efficiency.

In addition to increasing capacity, Beard said Box Genie expects to be able to seek new business as a result of the purchase. “We bought the Highcon because we wanted more capacity and shorter lead times,” he added. “We were very pleased with Highcon’s installation process and dedicated on-board and training staff.”

Michael Ciaramella, Highcon’s General Manager and Vice President of Sales for the Americas, said, “We are thrilled to welcome Box Genie to the ranks of our innovative customers, many of whom are enjoying the benefits of adding digital conversion. Highcon to their production capabilities. Streamlining workflow and optimizing production with an end-to-end digital manufacturing process helps our customers stay ahead of the competition while adding additional value to their customers. Box Genie joins a growing group of customers who are leading the transformation of the Web to Pack market.

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