Call of Duty Vanguard download size will be 30% smaller

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Good news, Call of Duty fans! It turns out that the download size of Call of Duty Vanguard will be 30-50% smaller than previous titles. So, let your mechanical drive rejoice because no lager will be absolutely pounded, nor will your smaller sized SSD need to uninstall everything to play this year’s Call of Duty.

Why is Call of Duty Vanguard download size 30% smaller?

It appears that since the Call of Duty Vanguard beta ended, Activision’s CoD development studios have been working hard to get the game ready for launch on November 5th. more technological. CoD Vanguard is now expected to be around 30-50% smaller in storage size thanks to the new on-demand texture streaming.

The point is, we don’t really know how big the game will be on day one. And, based on the estimated 20% difference, neither is Activision. When the Black Ops Cold War Preload To kick off, players had to deal with the following Back Ops Cold War download sizes when the Black Ops Cold War preload started.

  • PC: 35 GB (multiplayer only) / 82 GB (full game) / 125 GB (full game on Ultra Graphics)
  • PlayStation 4: 95 GB
  • PlayStation 5: 133 GB
  • Xbox One: 93 GB
  • Xbox Series X | S: 136 GB

As of the summer of this year, the game size exceeded 200GB, with everything updated including Warzone. Due to examples like this, Call of Duty has gained quite a reputation for its download size, being the first and only boss to enter Call of Duty or Warzone.

What is the download size of Call of Duty Vanguard?

Since Black Ops Cold War had a campaign, zombies, multiplayer, and war zone, we can use that as a rough base. Therefore, we could make Call of Duty Vanguard download size 30-50% smaller than Black Ops preload.

Therefore, we can expect the PC version to be between 15 and 25 GB for the multiplayer, 45 to 60 GB for the full game, or 60 to 90 GB for the ultra version.

Meanwhile, the console versions could to be:

  • PlayStation 4: 45-60 GB
  • PlayStation 5: 70-100 GB
  • Xbox One: 45-60 GB
  • Xbox Series X | S: 70-100 GB

Please take our estimates with a pinch of salt. These aren’t exact calculations because we don’t actually know which consoles are in which part of the shrink download size percentage spectrum. When the new seasons inevitably roll out for Vanguard, your 200GB CoD game could be anywhere between 100GB and 140GB instead.

However, the Xbox Store currently lists Vanguard’s expected field size at 92GB, which puts it in the range of the download size reduced by 30%. Click on the link here and check the additional information to find the approximate download size of the game on the Xbox store.

CoD games are certainly still huge, but they are by no means the behemoths they once were. Of course, that assumes what Activision said is true. We will update the article when we know the full system requirements.

Image via Activision.

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