Craig Wedren and Anna Waronker Share Yellowjackets Theme Song “No Return”

One of the best shows on TV right now is Showtime yellow jackets, which tells the story of a girls’ soccer team in an abandoned high school in the desert after a plane crash. The series is funny, weird, and gross, and it veers in all sorts of unexpected directions. He’s also totally immersed in ’90s music and pop culture. Former ’90s teen stars like Christina Ricci, Juliette Lewis and Melanie Lynskey play adult versions of some of the survivors, and ’90s needle drops fit the mood perfectly. (The series’ use of PJ Harvey’s “Down By The Water” was real good shit.) Even the score comes from two veterans of the ’90s alt-rock world, both of whom go wild.

yellow jackets has a score by Craig Wedren, formerly of Shudder To Think, and Anna Waronker, formerly of That Dog. Both have done a ton of film and TV work since their bands’ heyday, but yellow jackets really gives them a chance to tap into that sound. You can hear it in particular in “No Return”, their dazzling opening theme. As Brooklyn Vegan points out, there is a yellow jackets soundtrack album due out later this month, a week after the show’s season finale, and Wedren and Waronker just released “No Return” as the actual song.

Speaking to Brooklyn Vegan, Wedren and Waronker said, “For the theme, we wanted to channel our quirky 90s roots into something that felt like ‘then,’ but could only have been done NOW, just like the show. Our respective pedigrees as spokespersons for That Dog. and Shudder To Think made it easy, like a good hot bloodbath. Check it out below.

the yellow jackets The soundtrack was released 1/21 on Lakeshore Records.

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