Cross-play and cross-platform Elden Ring – how does multiplayer work?

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Yay, it’s Elden Ring week. What will you be playing on one of the most anticipated games of recent years? Is the PlayStation 5 in the corner finally going to be useful? Have you dusted off your latest-gen GPU in your gaming PC for a bit of Souls-like action, or is it all about removing Halo Infinite from your tiny Xbox storage to make way for downloading Elden Ring?

Whatever you choose to go on your Elden Ring journey, you probably want to know if your friends playing on different systems will be able to share the same battle stories with you. Let’s take a look, shall we?

How does Elden Ring multiplayer work?

Multiplayer in Elden Ring works much the same as in Dark Souls games from the same stable. There’s a co-op experience and you can find out all about the best way to play in our special guide here as well as PvP.

Multiplayer is unlocked from the start and will give you access to a new menu just for that. If there is a problem with your copy of Elden Ring, or if you obtained it in a less than legal way, multiplayer will never be available to you and you will receive a message when loading that it there are issues with your license and it will be grayed out forever, so go buy a copy of the game!

Elden Ring PvP – How does it work?

Elden Ring Coop Items

PvP in Elden Ring is all about challenging and battling other players. You can invade their game uninvited and take them on, or you can leave a sign behind – the Duelist’s Wrapped Finger – that will alert others to the fact that you fancy your chances as a combatant in their own right.

PvP is all about giving other players the, uh Finger. Here are some of the other things you’ll be interested in if you’re looking to get into the PvP side of the game.

  • finger host
    An item that allows players to open up their game to co-op and invasion events.
  • Tarnished Wrapped finger
    You get it at the end of the tutorial and it allows you to join players looking for a co-op partner.
  • Blue cipher ring
    You can get this item from the round table for 1000 runes. It allows you to turn the tide of a would-be PvP player looking to ambush an unsuspecting player by joining a currently under attack host world.
  • Small golden effigy
    This lets you draw golden circles on the ground, with a player looking for help to train in their world.

Is Elden Ring crossplay?

Nope. It’s the end then huh? Maybe not, because while Elden Ring doesn’t have cross-play or cross-platform multiplayer, there is an option for cross-generation co-op and PvP.

So what does this sentence mean? For many that would just be gibberish, so we’ll explain it to you.

If you’re about to play on your PC, the only option is to play through Steam. You cannot play with anyone other than on Steam and that includes console friends and foes.

If you play on PlayStation or Xbox, you also cannot play with players on a different console ecosystem. Xbox players will play with Xbox players and so on.

Is Elden Ring cross-platform?

The only option to play with friends on a machine different from yours is to play multi-generation. For example, if you’re on Xbox Series S and your friend is on Xbox Series X, it will work, just like playing on a PlayStation 5 if your friends are on PlayStation 4.

Yes, it’s a little disappointing, we might not all be able to go on an adventure together, but let’s be honest, you didn’t really like them anyway, did you?

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