Download iOS 15.0.1 now to fix the Apple Watch unlock bug


The update fixes a nagging bug for iPhone 13 users with an Apple Watch.

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The first update for iOS and iPadOS 15 is here. And it’s a particularly important download to grab if you have an iPhone 13 and an Apple Watch.

We will notify you of all bug fixes in iOS and iPadOS 15.0.1.

Three bug fixes in iOS and iPadOS 15.0.1

Unlock with Apple Watch iPhone

The most notable bug fix in iOS 15.0.1 relates to an issue that plagued iPhone 13 users with an Apple Watch.

When many tried to use the Unlock feature with Apple Watch which bypasses Face ID while wearing a mask, an error message was displayed saying “Unable to communicate with Apple Watch”.

Originally arriving in iOS 14.5, this exceptional feature allows anyone with a Face ID compatible iPhone to use their Apple Watch to unlock their phone instead of having to remove a mask or enter a passcode.

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Many annoyed users have taken to social media to express their displeasure as the feature has been well received in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic. But now the issue has been fixed with this update.


The other two bug fixes affect both the iPhone and the iPad. The update fixes an issue where the Settings app may incorrectly display an alert that the storage is full. It also fixes an issue where audio meditations could unexpectedly start a workout on an Apple Watch for Apple Fitness + subscribers.

To download the iOS 15.0.1 update to your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings> General> Software update.

Return to using unlock with Apple Watch

Especially for anyone who owns an Apple Watch and iPhone 13, the iOS 15.0.1 update is a welcome relief as it fixed this persistent issue with using Unlock with Apple Watch.

Potential buyers are certainly hoping that there won’t be any issues with the Apple Watch Series 7 when it arrives this fall.

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