Download MSI Dragon Center for PC (Free)

MSI Dragon Center is software aimed at video game enthusiasts and anyone who wants to be able to fine-tune their PC user experience. MSI Dragon Center is an update of the famous Dragon Gaming Center. It allows you to create profiles for your games, customize your motherboard peripherals, create amazing and unique lighting ambiance, and more. Here we provide you with MSI Dragon Center free download and a tour of the main features.

Main characteristics

  • Configure your games and apps: Configure settings for all your games and apps with just a few clicks.
  • Monitor and Profile: You will be able to access a more detailed view of your system usages such as RAM, GPU, CPU, temperature, performance, etc. You will also be able to configure presets such as Extreme Performance, Balanced, Quiet, or Super Battery to switch to the scenario that suits your needs.
  • System tuner: access to advanced configurations such as USB port and storage drive upgrades, overclocking and fan speed settings, screen lighting, sound, and more.
  • LED Wizard: allows you to readjust the keyboard lighting and save different configuration profiles.
  • Mobile center: Thanks to the mobile center, you will be able to control the application from your mobile device.
  • Real-time assistant: MSI Dragon Center has a handy wizard that helps solve any application-related issue.
  • Additional tools: Many other tools are available, such as battery calibration, ISO image creation, and more.

How it works?

You can find all the information describing the first steps with MSI Dragon Center on the official MSI website.

It’s free?

MSI Dragon Center is free for anyone with an MSI-branded device.

What is MSI Mystic Light?

MSI Mystic Light lets you take full control of your PC’s component RGB lighting, in one software, including your graphics card, PC case, motherboard, etc. as long as your devices are compatible. So, create your unique and stylish RGB atmosphere and take your desktop to the next level.

MSI Mystic Light is included in Dragon Center. However, if you are using an operating system older than Windows 10, you will need to download Mystic Light separately. You can find more information about it on the official MSI website.

Required configuration

  • Operating system: Windows 10, as well as a compatible MSI device.

Other systems

It’s only available for Microsoft Windows, but an Android app called MSI Dragon Dashboard lets you control MSI Dragon Center from your smartphone.

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