Elden Ring Xbox, PlayStation, PC Preload Times and Download Size

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We are almost there children. Elden Ring’s release date is right around the corner and the good news is that if you’re planning on playing it on Xbox, you can preload the game right now, like to stop reading this and download. You might even want to uninstall Dark Souls 3 because you won’t need it soon.

As of now, the PlayStation and PC versions still haven’t gone live for preloading, but we’re guessing that will be imminent with Elden Ring’s release time drawing ever closer.

How big is the Elden Ring download?

On Xbox Series X, we’re looking at a file size of around 50GB for Elden Ring – 49.04GB to be exact. If you are only looking for the last-gen version, it will cost you 30 storage space because the file size is considerably smaller.

Elden Ring Preload

If you pre-ordered the game on Xbox, you can now pre-load the game immediately ahead of launch on the 25th of this month. We are still waiting for the PC and PS5 and PS4 versions to be available for preload.

There is no mention of a Day One patch from Bandai Namco yet but we assume there will be one, but the size of this one is not yet confirmed. Hopefully it won’t be too big for everyone to step into as soon as the game is unlocked.

What time will Elden Ring unlock?

We don’t have a confirmed time from Bandai Namco yet and will update this section as soon as that information is released.

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