Enthusiast Runs Intel DG1 GPU on AMD Platform

When Intel introduced its entry-level Iris Xe DG1 graphics cards for desktop PCs in early 2021, it only positioned them for entry-level Intel-based PCs from systems integrators. He even invented ways to prevent their installation in systems based on other platforms. However, since the Iris Xe DG1 desktop cards were not available separately, this limitation was not strictly necessary; moreover, it turns out that it is possible to run Intel’s Iris Xe graphics card on an AMD system.

A passionate about Chiphell (opens in a new tab) The community got an Intel Iris Xe DG1 graphics card and ran it with an AMD Ryzen 7 5700G on an AMD X570 based system. Officially, Intel‘s DG1 is only compatible with PCs powered by the company’s 9th and 10th Gen Core processors on motherboards powered by its B460, H410, B365, and H310C chipsets compatible with its graphics card. In addition, these machines must have a particular BIOS to work with DG1. But this specific BIOS is only needed to boot the system when the card is used as the primary graphics adapter.

It is still possible to use Intel’s DG1 on an “incompatible” platform when installed alongside another GPU. This is precisely what the enthusiast did: he installed his Iris Xe DG1 in a system with an integrated Radeon RX Vega GPU, then installed an appropriate Intel driver. On the hardware side, all he had to do was disable CSM (Compatibility Support Module for the purpose of disabling legacy mode on the motherboard and enabling full UEFI mode) and enabling the resizing bar. It needed some tweaking to get the Intel GPU to work properly alongside an AMD GPU on Linux, but everything worked even on that OS.

A practical reader would ask why install Intel’s Iris Xe DG1 graphics card in an AMD Ryzen system, especially one with its own integrated graphics adapter. The answer is that the world-class multimedia processing capabilities of Intel’s GPUs far exceed those of AMD’s GPUs. Not only does Intel’s DG1 support 8Kp60 AV1 decoding, but it also handles consumer video with better quality.

Rushing to an online store to get an Intel Iris Xe DG1 card for better media processing capabilities might not make sense for everyone. Intel’s Arc Alchemist A380 motherboards are already here, and they don’t seem to have any constraints. But at least it’s now been proven that Intel’s previous generation discrete desktop GPUs can work with AMD’s platform.

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