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If your financial goals are starting to seem too high, you may just not have found the right strategy. Borrowing to pay off existing debt might not seem like a step forward, but here’s why a personal loan might be the most stable option.

  • Nothing at stake – A personal loan is also called a signature loan because the funds are guaranteed by your signature. There are no assets on the line.
  • Fixed rate – Borrowing a lump sum for a fixed term can help you pay down your balances faster without the risk of fluctuating rates.
  • Consistent payment – Your payment amount and schedule will be the same each month, making it easier to remember due dates. Plus, timely payments and debt reduction can improve your credit score.

New Proposer Federal Credit Union members can take advantage of a special rate of 5.99% APR*. Loans are available for up to $20,000 for qualified applicants, and we will waive the $25 application fee.

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