Google Workspace ‘Request Review’ Update Allows You To Download Incorrectly Restricted Drive Files

Google Workspace is getting a new update, including the “Request review” option. Thanks to the efforts of the search engine giant, consumers can now identify whether their Drive files marked as suspicious actually contain malicious content.

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Since the start of the global pandemic, many companies and businesses have allowed their employees to work from home. Of course, some issues have arisen as most of their business is done online.

These include sending large files to colleagues or bosses. As it is, their best option is to convert their videos, images, documents and other contents into Google Drive form.

But, Google sometimes incorrectly marked these files as malicious, preventing you from downloading them. This is why the Workspace update has been released.

Google Workspace “Request review” for Drive files

According to the latest report from Android Headlines, Google Drive files would be restricted if the search engine giant’s system finds them suspicious.

The update

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A woman uses a laptop on April 3, 2019 in Abidjan. – According to figures from the national police’s platform for the fight against cybercrime (PLCC), nearly a hundred internet scammers were arrested in 2018 in Côte d’Ivoire, a country known for its scammers on the web, announced on April 2, 2019 the Ivorian telephony regulatory authority.

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Once reported, you will no longer be able to share them. This means that even if your boss or colleague has links to these files, they will not be able to access them.

However, some of this Google Drive content is actually clean. If your file does not contain any malicious content, it would be quite annoying once they are completely restricted.

For this reason, Google has released a new Workspace update that allows you to request a review of your flagged videos, photos, and documents.

How the “Request Review” feature works

The official Google Workspace blog post explained that the new update will send a notification if your Drive file has been flagged as suspicious.

Once this happens, you will see the “Request Review” option on the post. If you think your content is completely clean, you can click this button, and Google will do the rest.

Currently, the new feature is available to all Google Workspace, G Suite Basic, and Business users.

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