Halide 2.5 brings macro mode to all iPhones, download it now!

A new update to the Halide app has been released, raising the version number to 2.5, and it contains a killer feature – macro mode for all iPhones.

Halide 2.5 released for iPhone with macro mode that works on all iPhones

The iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max are the first iPhones to feature macro mode. Just bring your camera close to a subject and the ultra-wide lens pops up for fabulous macro shots. But, the folks at Halide have interrupted the party with a new update to their app that brings macro mode to all iPhones.

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Halide now offers the best tool for close-up photos on any iPhone, and the perfect companion for the new close-focus camera on the iPhone 13 Pro: Macro mode!

Macro mode is aided by our new technology called neural macro. Halide’s macro mode does a few smart things to help you get the best macro shot: first, it checks which of your cameras can focus the closest. Then, it gives you super-precise focus control to keep your tiny subject in perfect focus. Finally, once taken, Neural Macro gets to work: a powerful AI-based detail enhancement process brings even more detail to your processed image.

To activate macro mode, first press the AF button to focus manually, then press the flower button. When enabled, Halide switches to your phone’s lens with the closest focus distance. It also increases the size of the focus wheel, allowing for granular adjustments down to the millimeter.

If Halide is already installed on your iPhone, now it would be a good idea to update to the latest version and test the macro mode feature.

Download Halide 2.5 for iPhone and iPad [App Store link]

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