How to Download and Play iMessage Games on Your iPhone

Inject a little more fun into your iMessage conversations by following this guide to download and start playing iMessage games with your friends.

Person sending an iMessage on their iPhone.

iMessage is a useful way to communicate with other users who also have an iPhone. With fun emojis, read receipts and typing alerts, it’s basically modern instant messaging. With generic text messages, you may not get all of these features.

However, iMessage is much more than a messenger. You may have seen people playing iMessage games like pool and golf. If you also want to learn how to play these games with friends, this tutorial will teach you how.

Step 1. Make sure iMessage is enabled

If you have an iPhone, you have the option of using iMessage through the Messages app. However, the Messages app only lets you use iMessage if you have it enabled.

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To activate iMessage, go to Settings > posts and press iMessage. With this option enabled, you can now send and receive iMessages.

Option to activate iMessage.

Step 2. Download iMessage Games

When you’re in the Messages app, you should see a bar above the keyboard containing a few icons of your downloaded apps. If you don’t see this bar, press the Gray App Store icon next to the text field to activate it.

iMessage app bar.

Once you have this bar, you can press the blue app store icon to open the iMessage App Store. Here you can see all available downloads. You will see many iMessage games and Emoji packs which can make iMessage more fun.

Just press To have to download the iMessage game you like.


iMessage app store.

Step 3. Start an iMessage game

Once you’ve downloaded an iMessage game, you’ll see it in the bar above the keyboard in the Messages app. Tap the game you want to play with a friend and launch the game. This will let your friend know and if they haven’t downloaded the game, they can choose if they want to download it.

Example of a game installed on iMessage.

Remember that these games can only be played between iPhone or iPad users who use iMessage. Make sure your text messages are blue before asking to play a game, as this indicates that you are communicating through iMessage. You can also check the text bar to see if it says iMessage or SMS.

Have more fun with iMessage

iMessage games are a great way to stay in touch with friends and loved ones throughout the day. Sometimes it can be difficult to maintain daily text conversations with people you want to follow. But with fun iMessage games, like 8 Ball and Darts, you can stay in touch and have tons of fun.

If you want to make iMessage more fun, see if you can find an iMessage game to enjoy.

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