How to force Firefox to show download confirmation prompts

If you’re old school and found Firefox’s download confirmation prompts handy, here’s how you can force the browser to show prompts again.

Firefox’s classic download confirmation prompts let you control the browser’s download flow. You can allow or cancel downloads, select where to save, or open the file with another program.

However, Firefox 98.0 and above comes with the optimized download stream feature. For this reason, the web browser no longer asks for a download confirmation.

Fortunately, Firefox hasn’t completely done away with the classic download confirmation prompt. You can turn off the new browser download enhancement flag to restore the classic download prompt in Firefox. Here’s how.

What is Firefox Optimized Download Feed?

There are many reasons to use Firefox, but one of them is to optimize the download stream. Firefox’s new optimized download stream feature skips the download confirmation prompt and automatically downloads the file.

This is a handy feature if you don’t want to download for individual files. Additionally, you can also set a default application to automatically open files of the same type.

How to Restore the Classic Download Confirmation Prompt in Firefox

If you prefer to control the location and download actions of each file, you probably won’t like the new changes. If so, you can force Firefox to show the download confirmation prompt by disabling the new Improve Download indicator in Firefox.


To restore the classic download confirmation prompt in Firefox:

  1. Launch the Firefox application and type “about:config” in the address bar. Hit Walk in to open the advanced configuration preferences sign.
  2. Click on Accept the risk and carry on.
  3. Next, copy and paste the following into the search preferences bar:
  4. By default, this preference is set to True. Click it To fall over light switch ( icon) in the upper right corner to change the preference value to Fake.
  5. Alternatively, you can double-click the preference to change it from true to false.
  6. When done, relaunch Firefox.

Now Firefox will show the download confirmation prompt every time you try to download a file. To restore the new default download stream, edit and set the configuration preference for true.

Note that if you only want to configure Firefox to prompt you for a download location each time, follow these steps.

  1. Launch Firefox and click on the Application menu icon in the upper right corner.
  2. To select Settings.
  3. In the General tab, scroll to Files and Apps.
  4. Here select Always asks you where to save the files.

That’s it. Firefox will now ask you to select a location to save the file.

Restore classic download prompt in Firefox

The new change to Firefox’s download flow is in sync with other modern browsers such as Chrome and Edge, which have removed the download confirmation prompt.

But, if you’d rather have more control over each download, you can disable the new feature and force Firefox to show the confirmation prompt.

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