Intel DG1 GPU incompatible with AMD Ryzen platform and high-end Intel mobos

Yesterday we published a news in which Intel announced the Iris Xe, 10nm DG1 GPU with its 640 Shader Units. The cards are OEM based and can be found in pre-built systems. New information indicated that these Xe cards would not be compatible with AMD’s Ryzen platform.

Not only that, colleagues at Legit Reviews learned from Intel that the Iris Xe graphics card can only be used with 9th and 10th generation desktop processors (that would be Coffee Lake-S and Comet Lake-S). In order to be compatible with the DG1 GPU, motherboards also need a special bios.

Only motherboards based on the B460, H410, B365 or H310C chipset will come with this bios update, which means that even the Z series would not be compatible. It is not clear if Intel wants to support more platforms in the future; we assume they will.

Additionally, yesterday’s news indicated that Colorful was a Xe AIB partner; this news is incorrect. Colorful posted a statement on Facebook, stating that the Chinese manufacturer is not involved in the production of the DG1 video cards. It looks like Intel made a mistake on their website. The photo of the model with the blue accent literally mentioned Colorful in Intel’s website URL, which was quite bizarre.

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