Is Deathloop cross-platform and when is it coming to Xbox?

Bethesda’s latest IP has delivered in a way fans never imagined. Death Loop pits two rival assassins against each other in a stunning single-player campaign and a dark souls-like PvP invasion mechanic. However, gamers are eager to find out if they can invade their friends on other consoles. East Death Loop cross-platform?

Does Deathloop have crossplay?

Unfortunately no; Death Loop does not support crossplay. This means that PC players can only invade other PC players. Those on PlayStation 5 can rest assured knowing that a PC-controlled Julianna won’t be invading their world. That being said, the PvP side of Death Loop left fans divided. Some think it’s a waste of time, while others claim it’s better than dark souls. Whichever side of the argument you land on, you will only do so with players on the same platform.

Is Deathloop coming to Xbox?

Disclaimer about Deathloop coming to other consoles next year.

The answer is probably, but not until September 14, 2022. You might have missed a tiny disclaimer in the launch trailer (we’ve provided a screenshot above) that says, “Also available on pc. Not available on other consoles until 9/14/22.

Why? Doesn’t Microsoft own Bethesda? Yes, while Microsoft owns Bethesda as of 2020, Death Loop was announced as a PS5 exclusive in 2019. While we can only speculate on Sony, Bethesda, and Microsoft’s internal relationship, it’s reasonable to assume that Sony had an exclusive deal for Death Loop they were ready to fold after the acquisition of Microsoft. Microsoft has presumably accepted the PC version of Death Loop as a middle ground.

How do we know that? A big part of The loop of death marketing campaign was how it planned to take advantage of the PS5’s DualSense controllers, which the Xbox Series doesn’t have. Why would they lean so heavily on this marketing facet, knowing it would alienate Xbox gamers if they didn’t have an exclusive deal with Sony?

Will Deathloop be coming to other platforms?

As for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, there’s no reason to believe Death Loop will soon be released on these platforms. Even though you can play Skyrim on Nintendo Switch now, Microsoft’s deal with Bethesda most likely blocks any Nintendo Switch version. Sorry Nintendo fans, you won’t be swarming on your Switchs anytime soon.

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