Is Splitgate cross-platform? All we know

Splitgate is the latest craze in the first-person shooter space, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a fun and fast-paced shooter that borrows elements from Portal and Halo, effectively mixing the old and the new. Now that Splitgate has reached a much larger audience, you may be considering giving it a try. Fortunately, this game is free and available on PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S.

However, what about playing with friends on other platforms? After all, competitive shooters are a lot more fun with friends. Made Splitgate offer some sort of cross-platform support? This is a feature that has started to be implemented more frequently in multiplayer games, so consumers are expecting it. Here we’ll show you everything you need to know about Splitgatethe cross play support of.

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Is Splitgate cross-platform?

Fortunately, Splitgate offers cross play for all platforms. This means you can partner with anyone on any platform, making it easy for everyone to play together. And you’ll want to team up with friends, regardless of their platform, because you get bonus XP when you have others in your party. By default, cross play is enabled, which ensures that the wait times are as short as possible. You can turn this feature off to restrict your search to your own platform, but keep in mind that it could dramatically increase wait times.

To turn off cross play, press the Menu main button Splitgate filter. From there navigate to Settings, then tab to Privacy, where you will see a checkbox for cross play. If you uncheck it and go back to the main menu, your search will be limited to the platform you are on. However, we almost always recommend leaving cross play enabled.

How to add friends from other platforms

The Splitgate home screen.

Even if Splitgate offers cross play, adding friends from other platforms is not as obvious as it could be. If your friends are already on your platform, it’s pretty easy to partner with them, but if not, you might need an explainer. On the main menu, you’ll notice that the game has locations for every friend who can join your team – up to four teams in total. Under each location it will have either a X on PlayStation or A on Xbox, then press that button on your platform to access the Friends menu.

The Friends menu in Splitgate.

This menu has a lot of options that you can browse, which are displayed at the top. Tab up to Add friends section, and you will be able to enter an identifier, regardless of the player’s platform. Your ID is displayed at the top of the screen, so you can give it to a friend so they can add you instead. Navigate to Enter your friend’s ID, where you can enter their code to add them.

Once you have added your friends, return to the Friends sub-menu, and you can then navigate between your platform’s friends list or your Splitgate friend list (on all platforms). Select the friend then press Invite to party to send them an invitation. You will now be in the same squad until you disband.

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