Is Super Mega Baseball 3 cross-platform? – Is Super Mega Baseball 3 Crossplay?

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Super Mega Baseball 3 is the shocking sequel to Super Mega Baseball 2 and is a super cartoony baseball game that offers an alternative to all those super serious and realistic sports simulations on the market. Although it is niche, it has a strong fan base as well as various ports for different consoles and PCs. With that in mind, is the game cross-platform? The answer is yes, and while there are still some restrictions, they are much less restrictive than in the last game.

Is Super Mega Baseball 3 cross-platform? – Does Super Mega Baseball 3 Crossplay?

Just like the previous title, this game had an interesting history with crossplay. It launched with a restrictive version of the feature in 2020, much like the updated version of the last game in the series. However, since then the game has been updated to include a slightly less boring cross-platform play feature.

How to Play Super Mega Baseball 3 Cross Platform

When it comes to crossplay, you’ll have to stick with two different modes, Pennance Race and Online Leagues. Originally in Pennance Race mode you could only play with other random players, but thanks to Custom Pennance Race you can now lock games with a password to only allow your friends to play. join. The same goes for online leagues, but with the added bonus that you’ll be able to run your own baseball seasons with just your friends playing against each other.

Does Super Mega Baseball 3 have cross-save / cross-progression?

Much like the last game, this one doesn’t feature any form of cross-save or cross-progress, which is a bit of a shame. Still, it’s at least possible to play with your friends this time around.

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