Korg releases native wavestate and native opsix software synthesizers

Native korg wavestate and native opsix plugins

Source: Korg

Korg released plug-in versions of wavestate and opsix synthesizers. The native wavestate and opsix plug-ins are designed to be fully compatible software counterparts to their hardware counterparts. This means you can now use both synths natively in your DAW and then transfer your sounds to hardware for live gigs. And if you own the hardware, you get a great deal on software plug-ins.

Native Korg wavestate plug-in

It’s no secret that Korg’s line of digital synths, which includes wavestate, opsix and modwave, run on a unified hardware platform built around a Raspberry pie. So it makes sense that Korg is now bringing the firmware to the PC and Mac platform with the new native wavestate and opsix plugins.

Native Korg wavestate

native wave state

the native wave state plugin is fully compatible with hardware synthesis. It offers the same Wave Sequencing 2.0 sound engine with a maximum polyphony of 64 stereo voices. You can manipulate timing, wave sequence and pitch on separate lanes, creating complex and evolving soundscapes. Just like the hardware, the native wavestate lets you choose from MS-20 low or high pass filters, a Polysix low pass, and a host of other filters.

A massive modulation engine with up to 4000 destinations per performance keeps things moving. The synth also offers plenty of randomization features.

The native Korg Wavestate plug-in comes with a massive sample library (Korg says it’s “over a thousand times larger than the original Wavestation’s”), and you can load your own samples from there. help from Korg. Sample generator application.

Native Korg opsix plug-in

Korg has also transformed the opsix in a plugin. The opsix is ​​Korg’s vision of a modern FM synth and combines classic 6-operator FM, subtractive, semi-modular, analog modeling, wave shaping, and additive synthesis techniques. While Korg has obviously redesigned the GUI to take advantage of the software’s possibilities, they have retained the characteristic opsix operator mixer.

native korg opsix

native opsix

At this time, it is unknown if Korg plans to release a software version of the modwave, as well as. But I think the odds are pretty high – why omit the modwave when you’re building the software platform anyway?

Price and compatibility

The native Korg wavestate and opsix plug-ins are now available. They are on sale at the introductory price of $149 each. The regular price is 199 USD each.

If you own the Korg wavestate or opsix hardware synthesizers, you are entitled to a discounted crossgrade for $49 per synth (promo code required).

Plugins work on macOS 10.13 or higher (including Apple Silicon) and Windows 10 or higher (64 bit). They enter AU, VST3 and AAX sizes.

Korg wavestate and opsix hardware synthesizers are available at Thomann*.

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