Mortal Kombat theme gets wild remix with Gilbert Gottfried Butchering names

The original Mortal combat The theme (also known as Techno Syndrome) holds a special place in the hearts of many franchise fans. These same fans will be happy to learn that a new remix is ​​available with the guest voices of … Gilbert Gottfried. In a mash-up that could only happen in the internet age, the comedian appears in a Lame Genie video. The band does an amazing job on the song while Gottfried absolutely slaughters several names of the games. All of Gottfried’s lines were recorded thanks to Cameo, and the end of the video shows the comedian taking them down before they were added to the song.

The video can be found at the top of this page and in the embedded Tweet below.

The cover is surreal to say the least! Fans might be tempted to use the track for all of their training needs, but the delivery of Gottfried lines like “Scorpio!” could ruin any attempt to take the song seriously. The whole thing is objectively hilarious and a must-see for any Mortal Kombat fan. You may never hear Techno Syndrome the same way again!

If readers are wondering what Gottfried thinks about using audio in this way, the comedian seems to have given his full support. On Twitter, Gottfried retweeted the video, and he did the same for similar Cameo covers. The comedian’s current pinned Tweet features a Gilbert Gottfried version of One Piece 4Kids rap. Obviously, the internet is making the most of Cameo!

Techno Syndrome was written and performed by The Immortals. Since the song’s debut in 1993, it has remained closely associated with the Mortal Kombat franchise. A new version of the song appears in the Mortal Kombat to restart. Fans can hear the track in the new movie, which is now in theaters and on HBO Max. Readers can check out the rest of’s coverage at the Mortal combat restart here.

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