NCRC’s Community Development Fund Named to Fast Company’s Annual World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies List for 2022

The NCRC Community Development Fund, Inc. (NCRC CDF) has fast companyof the prestigious annual list of the world’s most innovative companies for 2022, ranking ninth in the “Small and Mighty” category.

This year’s list honors companies that have the greatest impact on their industries and culture as a whole, ultimately thriving in today’s ever-changing world. These companies are creating the future today with some of the most inspiring achievements of the 21st century. In addition to the 50 most innovative companies in the world, 528 organizations are recognized in 52 categories.

The impact of the pandemic has been keenly felt by Black, Latino and women-owned businesses, and the NCRC CDF has risen to the challenge, showing strength to support by rolling out $17 million in grants, loans PPPs, low-interest capital, and small business investments at a time when these entrepreneurs needed it most.

“Last year, 87% of our small business loans went to Black and Latino entrepreneurs, nearly 50% of whom are women,” said Marisa Calderon, NCRC CDF’s executive director and head of community and community finance. mobility for the National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NRC). “We’re not just mission-driven, we’re passionately focused on helping entrepreneurs thrive. Our approach is to find a way to do this, and our support for entrepreneurs goes beyond funding for business coaching, building their social capital and amplifying their business awareness through efforts communications and marketing.

The NCRC CDF team is “small and mighty”, and its diversity is a competitive advantage. He intentionally assembled a team with language skills, technical skills and cultural competence that truly reflect and respond to the needs of his borrowers.

fast businessThe editors and editors of have researched the most groundbreaking companies across the globe and industries. They also judged the applications received as part of their application process.

The most innovative companies in the world are fast companyand one of his most anticipated editorial efforts of the year. It provides both a snapshot and a roadmap for the future of innovation in the most dynamic sectors of the economy.

“The world’s most innovative companies are playing a vital role in solving society’s most pressing issues, whether it’s tackling climate change by spurring decarbonization efforts, easing the pressure on supply chains or help us reconnect around shared passions”, mentioned fast company Associate Editor David Lidsky.

For the second consecutive year, on the occasion of the launch of the issue, fast business will host its Most Innovative Companies Summit on April 26-27. The multi-day virtual summit celebrates the most innovative companies in business and offers a first look at key business trends and insight into what it takes to innovate in 2022. fast companyit’sMost Innovative Companies issue (March/April 2022) is available online here, as well as in app via iTunes, and on newsstands from March 15. The hashtag is #FCMostInnovative.

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