Nintendo Download 6/2/22 – Hey, Poor Gamer

Well folks, June is here and the 02/06/22 Nintendo download is full of goodies. Not only does this week feature several featured titles, there’s also a special franchise sale on top of the usual Game Guide savings, as well as typical digital games. So let’s start with a classic game coming to the Nintendo Switch.

The strength returns

Nintendo Download |  Knights of the Old Republic II

It’s pretty well established that while I enjoy star wars, I am far from being a fanboy. So, I only ever played one or two video games of the games in the series during the SNES era. But even I have to admit Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords looks pretty cool. And in a few days, it will be on the Nintendo Switch! But this is not the only title presented this week. We also have chomp chomp madness in the Pac-Man+ Museum. Or you can be a crook in shark card. If you prefer to be artistic and get carried away by your memories, try Behind the frame: the most beautiful landscapes. Finally, if you are interested in the next Mario Strikers game, you can try it for free from soon with Mario Strikers: Battle League’s First Kick. It will be available from next Friday until Sunday. Now let’s continue the Nintendo download with a sale of one of my favorite franchises!

Flip the clock

Nintendo Download |  Loopers

Even as someone who has been a Shantae fan for a while now, I find it hard to believe the show has been around for 20 years. In honor of this milestone, Shantae has a 20th Anniversary sale starting today until 6/16. So if you haven’t entered the series yet, you can now get up to 50% off these great titles. These include the original Shantae, Risky’s Revenge, The Pirate’s Curse and Seven Sirens. But a word to the wise. If you pick up half-genie heroget the Ultimate Edition. Only because the DLC for this particular adventure was so much more enjoyable than the base experience alone.

Rock Out with savings

Nintendo Download |  EleMetals

Ready for savings on the game guide? Here is. If you want to blast the bad guys, you can do it for cheap with hell gunner for $3.99. For waifu fun, try Mokoko X for $8.99. Or for substantial savings on a robotic adventure, try Ultreia for only $1.99. For hardcore platformers, try El Gancho for $4.89. And for a cute yet simple snowboarding adventure, try Horatio is snowboarding for $4.89.

Wakka Wakka Time

Nintendo Download |  Pac Man Museum More

Now for even more savings. If you like challenging platformers, try Snail ? for $10.49. Or you can get old school with Mechanical Aquarius for $11.99. Hunt for riches in Treasures of the Aegean Sea for $11.99. If you like killing robot fish, try G-Darius HD for $17.99. Finally, for a charming puzzle game, try weaving tides for $14.99.

Pan Pan

Nintendo Download |  space war

Let’s wrap up this Nintendo download with some great digital games, shall we? First, retro fans should check out QUByte Classics: Jim Power: The Lost Dimension by PIKO, space war and Wonder Boy collection. If you prefer story first, try these – Buck Bradley 2, City of lanterns, Loopers, my lovely wife and Repentant. To run in space, try Gravitar: Recharged. Or for pretty girls and card games, try Cute girls speed. Platformer fans should check out the following – Clan O’Conall and the Crown of the Stag, EleMetals: Death Metal Deathmatch!, souldiers, TEN and TOKOYO: Perpetuity Tower. And for a wacky arcade experience, try Rush to the surface.

pinball magic

Nintendo Download |  Rush to the surface

There you have it all. Hope June marks the start of a great summer full of games. Thanks for logging into HPP, and be sure to check back next week!

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