Combined Expertise Creates the World’s Most Powerful Enterprise NFT Ecosystem

MIAMI, May 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, QuickNodethe leading managed blockchain infrastructure provider, is thrilled to announce its first acquisition: icy tools, the leading NFT analytics platform and NFT API. Since the start of the NFT boom in 2021, icy.tools has provided consumers and investors with NFT analysis and market reports to facilitate more technical analysis of NFT sales. They allow users to discover the latest trending projects being minted, transaction history and wallet value, and alert on the latest mints and wallets.


“We are excited about the capabilities that will open up to our customers as a result of this transaction,” mentioned Jackie De La RosaCOO of QuickNode. “This is a natural fit for QuickNode because NFT integrations require sophisticated blockchain infrastructure behind the scenes,” She keeps.

Using its expertise in NFT analysis, icy.tools has developed a powerful GraphQL API allowing developers to access NFT price data, traits/portfolio data and market data from OpenSea, Genie and Looks Rare, among others. QuickNode will integrate the icy.tools API directly into the existing QuickNode platform, bringing even more functionality to QuickNode NFT API customers. Together, QuickNode and icy.tools will meet all of the immediate needs of NFT developers, including analytics, pricing data, and node infrastructure in a multichain environment including Ethereum, BSC, Solana, Polygon, and more, thanks to seamless integration.

“We were already optimistic about the power of QuickNode for developers, but the acquisition of icy.tools puts QuickNode at the forefront of NFT development, creating an integrated Web3 development and analytics platform. “ mentioned Alexis Ohanianfounder and managing partner of 776, an early-stage QuickNode investor.

Following the agreement, the icy.tools analytics platform will remain separate while the API will eventually transition into the QuickNode development platform, allowing QuickNode customers immediate access to NFT data in time. real on demand. To find out more, see icy.tools analysis platform and QuickNode NFT API. With the belief of making blockchain technology more accessible and under a strong shared vision, icy.tools and Quicknode have officially partnered to build the future of blockchain infrastructure, analytics and development tools that will empower the next generation of Web3 products and developers.

About QuickNode
Founded in 2017, QuickNode is the Web3 infrastructure provider with powerful developer tools and a seamless suite of APIs for Web3 businesses and developers. QuickNode believes the future of the Internet is private, trustless, and censorship-resistant. QuickNode enables blockchain ecosystems to scale by providing robust core infrastructure, APIs, and developer tools. In October 2021, QuickNode raised a $35 million Series A financing led by Tiger Global with participation from by Alexis Ohanian Seven Seven Six, Soma Capital, Arrington XRP Capital, Crossbeam and Antoine Pompliano. To learn more, please visit www.quicknode.com.

About icy.tools
Founded in 2021, Icy Tools is a leading NFT analytics platform that indexes and enhances blockchain data to provide in-depth market insights and developer tools. Icy Tools believes unlocking the accessibility and usability of blockchain data is key to enabling the next wave of Web3 users and developers. As a forerunner in the field of NFT information and analysis, Icy Tools leads the way in realizing this belief.

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