Rumors suggest release dates for next-gen Ryzen and Intel platforms

Recent reports from the publisher of Uniko’s Hardware have speculated on the launch dates for the next-gen Intel and AMD platforms – and the wait is not that long. If rumors are to be believed, Intel and AMD are clearly stepping up the pace in preparation for their next-gen processor lines and the Ryzen series.

Intel Z690 ‘Alder Lake’ motherboards due in Q4 2021, Z790 ‘Raptor Lake’ motherboards in Q3 2022, and AMD AM5 motherboards in Q2 2022

When it comes to the race for next-gen hardware, the Blue Team seems to be winning – with Intel users getting a taste of the next-gen platform during this year (if we are to believe the rumors). Each of the platforms will get a range of chipsets aimed at a variety of users and budget restrictions, including high-end, mainstream, and budget consumers. Reports suggest that the Intel 600 series chipset platform will include the Z690, B660, and H610 SKUs.

Intel 600 Series Motherboards for 12th Generation Processors

The latest Intel 600 series platform will feature a variety of SKUs, including the Z690, B660, and H610 variants. At this early stage, there is still no mention of workstation chipsets – however, we expect that to come later.

As for release dates, early reports suggest that the Z690’s flagship SKU will be the first to hit shelves – with a target date of Q4 2021. This will put the Z690’s launch date in line with estimates. most recent of the DDR5 release date.

Looking forward to 2022, Intel plans to expand the 600 series platform with more economical and traditional SKUs such as B660 and H610. These alternate SKUs are expected to hit shelves in the first quarter of 2022, with an announcement likely at CES 2022. All motherboards will include Intel’s LGA 1700 socket that supports Alder Lake’s 12th generation processor line. That said, it looks like the flagship Z690 motherboards will be unique with their DDR5 support. Entry-level alternatives will likely stick to DDR4, for now.

Intel 700 Series Motherboards for 13th Generation Processors

Along with the 600 series, users can also look forward to the arrival of the Intel 700 series platform. It has been reported that the first motherboards are expected to officially launch around the third quarter of 2022, or around 9 months after. the arrival of the 600 series. Compared to previous launches, this fits nicely into Intel’s schedule for the 500 through 600 series platforms.

The 700 series platforms will likely be equipped with many of the 600 series features, only with more advanced I / O. Additionally, the 700 series will likely offer better support for DDR5 and PCIe 5.0. It will also feature the LGA 1700 socket with compatibility for Alder Lake and Raptor Lake processors.

AMD AM5 motherboards for 5th Gen Ryzen processors

Last, but not least, Team Red and the arrival of its AM5 platform. AMD plans to launch its much-anticipated AM5 series cards after the two Intels – with reports suggesting an arrival by Q2 2022. This comes from reports and AMD themselves who said a new family Ryzen would launch ahead of Zen 4 processors in early 2022. As many already know, the company’s Zen 3 chips with 3D V-cache technology are expected to hit production later this year.

That being said, Zen 3 V-cache will not be coming to the AM5 platform – which means AM4 technology will still be around for a few years to come. AMD has previously showcased its prototype Ryzen 9 5900X / 5950X processors with 3D V-cache – both arriving on the shelves in the same AM4 packaging we’ve become accustomed to.

Overall, these rumors have sparked excitement within the tech community which has recently waned thanks to the increasingly annoying hardware shortage we are experiencing right now. Hopefully on launch day we can finally buy this next-gen hardware.

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