South Park Theme Song Gets Orchestral Version Ahead Of Season 25

A timeless theme song is enhanced with a 30-piece orchestra ahead of South Park’s long-awaited Season 25 debut on Comedy Central.

South Park Orchestra Theme Song

South Park is gearing up for a new season that will see the main show return for the first time since 2019, and promotional efforts pick up where the main announcement left off by featuring a full new orchestral rendition of its theme song.

Just a few days ago, South ParkThe 25th season of has been announced with a February 2 release date, sticking to the animated series’ usual timeslot on Comedy Central. Since their post-pandemic hiatus, Trey Parker and Matt Stone have still found time to buy Casa Bonita and work on the first set of COVID-themed films that are part of the $900 million deal. dollars the duo signed to keep South Park going strong at least until 2027.


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This new music video featuring a 30-piece orchestra recreates the original lyrics of South Parkthe theme song of . It even makes room for lyrics that aren’t family-friendly. Kenny has been gushing for years, especially those in the show’s first two seasons. The video shows the boys enjoying the performance from their seats, while some of the orchestra members can’t help but laugh and others look downright stoic as they sing the lyrics.

So far, it’s not clear if this upgraded version of South ParkThe intro will completely replace the original. If not, it could perhaps be used in one of the six new episodes of this season 25. After all, South Park tends to change its opening sequences based on events and characters that have recently been introduced or are part of the current season.

While it’s pretty obvious now that Parker, Stone, and the rest of the show’s creative team were hard at work during the pandemic, it’s still a complete mystery how the South Park Pandemic Special, Vaccination Sspecialand both Post-COVID movies will alter the landscape of the small town, as the first two have barely been confirmed to technically be season 24. Considering the time travel shenanigans of the last two, plus the fact that South Park only adopted a more linear timeline in recent years, anything is possible.

Let’s not forget that Parker and Stone are also busy working with rapper Kendrick Lamar on an untitled project, as well as an upcoming one. South Park game with a new studio that could feature never-before-seen multiplayer elements The Stick of Truth and The fractured but whole.

South Park Season 25 will premiere February 2, 2022 on Comedy Central.

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Source: South Park Studios | Youtube

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