The original Dawson’s Creek theme song is back on Netflix


If you are a Dawson Creek enthusiast who rekindled your memories of Capeside by gorging on the series on Netflix, but it’s not exactly the same without Paula Cole‘is instantly the iconic song played in the opening credits, there’s good news today. The streamer confirmed via Twitter that, finally, we will not have to wait for the original Dawson Creek theme to come back. Cole’s “I Don’t Want To Wait”, which aired on credits when the show first aired on The WB, has officially been added back to its rightful place on Netflix.

Before “I don’t want to wait” was chosen as a last minute addition to the Dawson Creek opening credits, the network then called The WB originally used Alanis Morrissette“Hand In My Pocket” on what has become the un-broadcast pilot episode of the series. However, Morrissette reportedly chose not to use her song once. Dawson Creek was picked up in series and Cole’s was slipped into its place, becoming an instant hit.

However, when the time came for the show to end up on home video or streaming services, many of the licenses for the original songs were not kept – this is how Dawson Creek ended up with different musical themes after the broadcast, especially among them Jann arden‘s “Run like crazy.” Now, it looks like Netflix has officially shelled out the money to bring Cole’s song back into the show for as long as that is. Dawson will remain on the streaming service. (Technically Cole had to re-record the song due to – what else – licensing issues, which is why it doesn’t sound exactly same as the original released version.)



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Dawson Creek Originally broadcast on The WB for a total of six seasons, from 1998 to 2003, and was the creation of none other than writer and director Kevin williamson, who would co-create another notable teen drama series on the network (later The CW) in The vampire diary. The series, set in the fictional town of Capeside, Massachusetts, followed the loves, life and drama of a tight-knit group of friends and catapulted its four main avenues to stardom – though Joshua Jackson, who played Pacey, was already well enough known for his role in The mighty ducks. James van der beek was cast in the lead role of Dawson Leery, with Katie holmes as his tomboy best friend Joey Potter and Michelle williams as a big city transplant Jen Lindley.

The six seasons of Dawson Creek are currently available to stream on Netflix – now, with the original theme song fully restored.

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