Theme park enacts ‘affection ban’ after guests complain about LGBTQ+ couple

Whether you’re a fan of seeing PDA at a theme park or not, a US park Six Flags had tried to put a stop to it all after complaints surfaced of an LGBTQ+ couple kissing online.

Credit: Six Flags

Whether you’re at Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando Resort, Knott’s Berry Farm, Disneyland, or any other theme park, guests generally don’t have to restrict themselves from kissing their partners. Of course, behaving appropriately when it comes to PDA is key in these instances, but often guests understand the level of affection that’s allowed to be publicly displayed without causing too much attention or a scene. Well, what would you do if someone told you that you weren’t allowed to show affection at all?

six mexico flags
Credit: Six Flags

PA News recently announced that “Six Flags amusement park in Mexico City has announced it is dropping a ban on ‘affectionate behavior’ after complaints about two gay friends stepping out of a line on a kissing ride” . It appears this ban was put in place after what appeared to be a gay couple were seen kissing for a ride. Security was noted to surround the couple, but they were not kicked out of the park. The publication noted that there were other heterosexual couples doing the same in the area, but they were not reprimanded for their actions. He did not indicate that the couple in question were behaving inappropriately or showing an indecent amount of PDA. It seems that only kisses were exchanged.

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After the ban was put in place, gay rights activists called for a “kissathon” at the park. Following the outrage, Six Flags Mexico decided to reverse its policy.

“In an effort to maintain a family atmosphere, Six Flags had a policy of discouraging visitors from becoming overly affectionate. However, based on feedback from our visitors, we have decided that a policy referring to loving behavior is not necessary, and have eliminated it.

six mexico flags
Credit: Six Flags

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Because the ‘affection ban’ was only put in place after a gay couple’s PDA was the subject of a complaint, the ban seemed very targeted to many, c This is why the “kissathon” was organised. Even though the ban would have been for all couples, regardless of their sexual orientation, it seems that the origin of the ban left guests feeling understandably marginalized and excluded. Fortunately, Six Flags was able to realize the result of its actions and find a way to fix it so that all guests can once again feel welcome at Six Flags Mexico.

six mexico flags
Credit: Six Flags

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As we mentioned at the top of the article, although affection is allowed in theme parks, visitors should always recognize that they are in a public place with children nearby. That being said, the level of affection displayed should be kept at an appropriate level. Failure to do so could result in any guest being kicked out of Six Flags or any other park, as theme parks are based on private property and may set their own rules and regulations.

In California, Six Flags Magic Mountain recently implemented some changes. The theme park is adding a new Flash Pass, which is a pay-per-ride system that will require visitors to pay an additional fee on top of the ticket price to skip the line for certain attractions.

The new One-Way Skip-the-Line Flash Pass option is available at Magic Mountain on select days for West Coast Racers, Twisted Colossus, Full Throttle and Goliath.

One-way Flash Pass prices range from $5 to $25 per person and vary per trip per day. Twisted Colossus and West Coast Racers were priced at $12 per person each way while Full Throttle and Goliath were $14 on Martin Luther King Jr. National Day on Monday, January 17. The new Flash Pass Skip-the-Line program will be available at Magic Mountain for the foreseeable future, according to Six Flags officials.

Six Flags Magic Mountain
Credit: Six Flags Magic Mountain

This change was put in place shortly after Disneyland Resort introduced Disney Genie, which offers a Disney Genie+ and Lightning Lane option for guests to do the same. As Disney normalizes this pay-per-ride system, we can now see other theme parks starting to follow suit.

What do you think of the “Affection Ban” that has been put in place?

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