Theme park reservations must be bookable from the My Disney Experience app

The theme park reservation system is a key part of the current Walt Disney World and Disneyland experience. Customers who plan to visit the parks must book a park reservation after purchasing their theme park tickets. This added hurdle complicated the Disney experience and made many guests dream of the days of yore.

Unfortunately, the theme park reservation system seems to be part of Disney’s long-term plans. Disney executives have said he’s here to stay, with Disneyland’s president saying he’s don’t think it’s gonna go away.

While we readily admit that the park reservation system has its benefits, particularly managing staff levels, the overall process is less than ideal. The biggest area where Disney can improve is how theme park reservations work in the My Disney Experience app.

Here’s how the process works today, as seen in the Walt Disney World app. The screen below is a common starting point for customers trying to make a theme park reservation.

Clicking on one of these buttons exits the application and returns you to a web browser. The Walt Disney World website opens (or the Disneyland website if you’re using the Disneyland app) and guests should make their reservations there. The app does not give customers the ability to make reservations.

The entire theme park booking process takes place outside of the app, which is far from convenient. It’s especially annoying when the website asks for login details, even if you just logged into the app. Then there’s the stability of the websites themselves (specifically you, the Walt Disney World website) which can cause headaches. It can be extremely frustrating to find that the theme park you want to visit is packed. It’s worse when everything is surrounded by a bad web experience.

Disney has bragged about its “seamless” technology and experiences for customers using their apps. The launch of Disney Genie was intended to make visiting the park a breeze (we’ll save our thoughts on Genie+) and yet the actual booking process remains separate.

If theme park reservations are really in Disney’s long-term plans, it’s high time to integrate the theme park reservation system into the My Disney Experience app.

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