This 1980s hit was based on the theme song


I dream of Jeannie has one of the most famous theme songs on 1960s television. During the 1980s, a famous duo sampled the theme song for one of their most iconic hits. While this song had some success on the pop charts, one member of the duo didn’t think they were making pop music.

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The late 1980s and 1990s were the heyday of pop-rap. Artists like Young MC, Biz Markie, Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer have never looked bigger than they were in this decade. Interestingly, a member of one of the duets most associated with the term “pop-rap” was not exactly comfortable with the label.

DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince were a pop-rap duo. The Fresh Prince was Will Smith using a stage name. The duo sampled the theme song of I dream of Jeannie for their song “Girls Ain’t Nothing But Trouble”. While this might seem like a tidy sample choice, Smith was adamant that he and DJ Jazzy Jeff weren’t making pop music.

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DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince disagreed on the type of songs they wrote

“Definitely not pop,” said Smith Twirl. “Bad word… Our music is definitely 100% suitable for a black audience. The music we make comes from our background. It’s real, it’s us.

“It’s not like we sit down, like other guys, and say, ‘Well, we want pop radio to play this.’ Or, ‘We want that kind of person to listen.’ Anyone who accepts us as people will love my music, or if you love my music, you love me as a person because they are one and the same person.

On the other hand, DJ Jazzy Jeff considered the duo’s style to be “pop” and “humorous”. “We’re fun, basically,” he said. “We go on stage and we like to have fun. Laugh and joke.

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How the world reacted when DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince sampled “I Dream of Jeannie”

No matter if DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince were a pop-rap duo, their first single was a pop hit. “Girls Ain’t Nothing but Trouble” became a minor hit. It reached No.57 on the Hot 100 display panel, remaining on the chart for 12 weeks. The song’s parent album, Break the house, reached n ° 83 on Display panel 200, remaining on the chart for 18 weeks.

“Girls Ain’t Nothing but Trouble” was even more successful in the UK. The official card company reports that the track reached 21st place in the UK, lasting eight weeks in the rankings. Break the house peaked at No.97 in the UK, remaining on the chart for a week. The song title was then used as the title of an episode of Average. The success of the song showed that I dream of Jeannie still had an impact on pop culture long after its cancellation.

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