This Valentine’s Day Tell Him With Genuine Software: Get Genuine Windows 10 and Microsoft Office, Valid for Life, at a Great Price

Let’s face it, the cost of a genuine copy of Windows 10 is not at all affordable, and if we upgrade to Windows 11 Pro, things get worse since, in some retailers, said operating system costs more than 175 euros . These are very high numbers that put users off, and that in the end they end up pushing many to piracy.

Fortunately, with the advent of OEM licensing in the mainstream market, hacking no longer makes sense, since we can get both Windows 10 and Windows 11, as well as the ecosystem of Microsoft Office products, at prices within everyone’s reach. These licenses are linked to the motherboard of our PC, and are valid for life, which means that we can use them without problems for the entire useful life of our computer.

If at any time we decide to change the motherboard of our PC and we want to keep the Windows 10 or Windows 11 OEM license that we have purchased, we will only have to contact Microsoft and transfer request to our new team. It is very simple and usually solved quite quickly, and at the same time it is a guarantee that, as we have said, the use of OEM licenses does not cause any type of problem, nor is it illegal.

Windows 10, Windows 11 and genuine software: in the end, these are all advantages

Hacking the operating system can end up giving constant activation problems, which will lead to those tricky situations where we will see the message “Windows is not activated”. When that happens, we will have to wasting time looking for a new way to activate itand it is possible that in the process we will meet many sources of malware.

By reactivating it, or even after reactivating the operating system, it is possible that it loses activation again, that we have to disable the antivirus to keep this activationwith all the risk that entails, or that it even ends up giving us serious stability and performance issues. Is it worth going through all this? Well no, especially now that you can get a Windows 10 license for only 12.15 euros, or a Windows 11 Pro license for 18.10 euros.

These prices are very good, but they are part of an exclusive Supercdk store promotion for our readers. If you want to take advantage of it, follow the links that we leave you below and use the discount coupon “MUY” (without the quotes) on all the products you want to buy. Don’t forget the coupon, or you’ll miss a 30% discount.

  • Windows 10 Pro OEM lifetime key for only 13.78 euros.
  • Windows 10 Home Oem lifetime key, for 12.15 euros.
  • Windows 11 Pro OEM key, available for 18.10 euros.
  • Office 2016 Pro Plus lifetime key for 23.31 euros.
  • Office 2019 Pro Plus lifetime key for 39.78 euros.
  • Windows 10 Pro Oem + Office 2019 Pro Plus key pack at 51.45 euros.
  • Windows 10 Pro OEM + Office 2016 Pro Plus key pack at 35.28 euros.

The purchase process is very simple, and once you have received your license code, you can use it both to activate a version of Windows you have already installed and to activate it on a new one. installation. So, for example, if you’ve already installed Windows 10, but haven’t activated it, don’t worry, just press the Windows key and type “See if Windows is activated”. You enter the first result, choose the option to change the product key, and enter the license you purchased. You click next and you’re done.

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