What’s available and how to download the apps

There are plenty of streaming services available for the PS4, big and small names. Here’s how to use them on your PS4.

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Your PS4 is more than just a game console. It is also an entertainment hub that hosts a wide variety of streaming services. Whether you want to catch the latest movie release or binge on a retro TV, chances are the PS4 has a streaming app for that.

All the big names are available, like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, along with a few smaller players. We’ll show you how to get these apps on your PS4.

What streaming services does the PS4 support?

The streaming apps offered by your PS4 depend on your region. Makes sense – you wouldn’t want NOW, a UK streaming service, to be available worldwide, for example.

The PS4 offers apps for both free and paid streaming services. As such, even though you can download most apps for free, some of them still require a paid subscription to use.

Some of the streaming services available on the PS4 in the US are:

  • AppleTV+
  • CBS All Access
  • CBS News
  • Disney+
  • ESPN+
  • Funimation
  • HBO Max
  • NBC Sports
  • Hulu
  • netflix
  • Paramount+
  • Pluto TV
  • Tic
  • Vudu
  • WWE Network
  • Youtube

How to Download and Use Streaming Apps on the PS4

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It’s easy to download and use any streaming app on your PS4. To get started, from the home screen, navigate to Television and video section. This displays a host of featured content from a variety of apps, even if you don’t have them installed.


To see the apps you have installed, select Application Library in the top menu.

To download an app:

  1. In the TV and video section, navigate to the To discover tongue.
  2. On the Featured apps line, select See everything. This will take you to the PlayStation Store.
  3. Scroll through all the streaming apps or search for the one you want.
  4. On the app page, select To download.
  5. Wait for the installation to complete and To throw the app.
  6. Follow the streaming service’s registration/connection process, if applicable.

Unfortunately, there is no way to pin these apps to the PS4 home screen. You have to navigate to TV and Video each time.

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You can also stream music to PS4

Remember that the PS4 does not only support video streaming services. You can also use Spotify to listen to music while you game, ensuring you have the perfect soundtrack for your wins.

spotify on ps4
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