Why Seinfeld Fans Can Thank Larry David For Recording This Jazzy Theme Song

When Seinfeld debuted on NBC, it was unlike anything that had hit the airwaves before. Not only was it a “show for nothing”, skipping all “premise” and “plot”, but even the soundtrack was unique – built mostly on bass sounds from a synthesizer and jazzy scat voice. The music is now recognized as an iconic part of the popular ’90s series…but an interesting historical note is that it wouldn’t be without co-creator Larry David’s insistence.

the Seinfeld The soundtrack was first released as an album last year, and it was around this time that composer Jonathan Wolff told the American songwriter the origin story of the theme song. In the interview, Wolff explains that the music was created specifically to vibrate with Jerry Seinfeld’s stand-up comedy timing and attitude, and it earned a thumbs up from Seinfeld and Larry David when he premiered for the first time – but there was also a specific setback. of certain leaders of the network:

I thought I was done. For this moment, I was done. But the network? Mmm, they weren’t so sure. It was strange! We had a real meeting, to which I was invited because we knew that music was one of the subjects to be treated… Warren Littlefield had the unfortunate task of saying to Larry: “I don’t like the music. It’s entertaining, it’s weird, it’s boring!’ And as soon as he said the boring word, Larry David lit up. Like really? Annoying? Costs!’

According to Jonathan Wolff, Larry David loved the music early on, but it seems his appreciation for it increased after it was criticized, and he obviously ended up getting very defensive in supporting it. During the meeting, Wolff, David, Seinfeld and Castle Rock manager Glenn Padnick got together to discuss the notes, and the composer not only said he was ready to change the music, but that he could come up with new options in just a few hours. .

It’s a sentiment that was apparently in no way respected by Larry David. Instead of appreciating Jonathan Wolff’s flexibility and the leeway it could provide when negotiating against further changes, the Seinfeld The co-creator had the complete opposite reaction and was apparently insulted by the composer’s lack of artistic integrity (to paraphrase George Costanza). said Wolff,

[Larry] was just appalled, flabbergasted that I would even consider giving in to a request and he didn’t get mad at the network, he got mad at me for even suggesting I could change it. And he starts shouting, ‘Get out! Wolff, you’re done here! Go outside!’ Larry kicked me out of the meeting.

Jonathan Wolff ended up leaving the reunion at Larry David’s request – but obviously this story has a happy ending. David was successful in the fight to keep the music exactly the same, and Wolff stayed with the show for its entire nine-season run.

In addition to being on DVD and available for purchase on digital platforms, Seinfeld is currently streaming as one of many great shows on Netflix. You can also buy the Seinfeld soundtrack on Amazon, featuring 33 music tracks from the beloved show.

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