Windows 11 download JOY for former PC owners! This is what this company does

Windows 11 Download: Older PCs may be able to bypass Microsoft PC requirements and get the Microsoft Windows 11 update, thanks to Asus, according to a new report.

Windows 11 Download: Microsoft is set to release its next Windows 11 update on October 5, making some of the most significant changes to the world’s most popular desktop operating system. However, older computers won’t be able to update – only computers that meet Microsoft’s strict specifications will be able to install the Microsoft Windows 11 update, according to the company. However, a new report brings great joy to former computer owners who also want to install the Windows 11 update. Now Asus is testing the possibility of updating some of its older laptops to Windows 11. Significantly. , they will be able to perform a successful download of Windows 11 even if their old computers do not meet the support requirements set by Microsoft.

Microsoft previously said that when it comes to support for Intel processors, only 8th Generation Intel Core processors and newer processors will be supported. In a backlash, after it was revealed that some of the company’s Surface laptops could not get the Windows 11 update, Microsoft updated the processor list to include a very small list of high-end 7th gen Intel Core processors. Now the most recent Windows reports that Asus has started testing updates to its motherboard to extend support for Windows 11 on older models that don’t run supported processors, even up to Skylake (6th generation) processors.

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Asus Strix Z270G Gaming motherboard changelog (Asus)

According to the report, Asus’ updated support page says the company is also committed to supporting motherboards that work with older Intel processors, including 6th and 7th generation chips. While Asus reportedly mentioned Windows 11 support in the changelog for a BIOS update for a motherboard, the company’s Z270 motherboards also recently received a Windows-compatible BIOS update. 11, and the processors supported by these motherboards are not on Microsoft’s official support list. , says the report.

This means that Asus could potentially support upgrades to Windows 11 for Skylake (6th gen) and Kaby Lake (7th gen) processors on motherboards like the Strix Z270G game motherboard and the Formula Maximus IX. Whether or not these devices get the Windows 11 update depends on a combination of factors, including Microsoft’s support for older devices, with Asus adding additional support for older processors as well. It remains to be seen if these devices will receive further updates through Windows Update, even if they will have the option to update to Windows 11 when it becomes publicly available on October 5.

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