Windows 11 is now available and ready to download

Windows 11 is out now. Microsoft’s latest operating system is officially available for download in something that looks like a final version, and if you’re in the mood for a spin, it’s a pretty straightforward process to update to Windows 11 on your PC. of game.

Microsoft ditched its new operating system nearly a day early in some parts of the world, which means you could have gotten through the night with Windows 11. Thankfully.

New Windows 11 features include a redesigned Microsoft Store, a new Start menu and taskbar, built-in support for Android apps, and its new AutoHDR feature.

That said, we’re not yet quite convinced that Windows 11 is an operating system worthy of your gaming PC. It’s not that it doesn’t look flashy. and that it comes with some new features that are worth talking about, it’s just that despite its official “release” it still feels like a beta operating system.

We also can’t believe that some of those old Windows menus are still working.

That said, we did try out the new OS on some of our own machines in the weeks leading up to launch and found a few things we love about the new OS, such as its soothing new sounds, the redesigned app window experience. , and the new window snapping feature.

Is it worth the price of admission? You can judge this with your own install of Windows 11 from the download page i.e. if you don’t feel like waiting for Microsoft to update your machine for you next year and that your system responds to strict processor requirements.

The easiest way to install Windows 11 is to follow the steps in Microsoft’s Windows 11 installation wizard. Failing that, the installation media should provide a convenient alternative for users with a decent USB drive handy, although that has proven to be a bit hazy for us so far. Easy ISO download, however, is still the easiest option.

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