YouTube is currently testing a video download feature

If you want to watch YouTube videos when you don’t have a strong internet connection, you understand the pain and hurdles you have to go through to download videos.

It looks like YouTube no longer wants you to use sketchy downloaders, with the company now testing a feature that allows YouTube Premium users to download videos for later viewing.

First spotted by android font, through some of their YouTube Premium subscribed players in India and France, you can check if the download feature test is live for you at We checked ours but could only see the previous test for Picture-in-picture on iOS.

How to upload videos to YouTube

If the test is live for you, you can download videos for later viewing (but only through a desktop browser)

  1. Head toward any youtube video

  2. Click on the To download below the video (it will be in the toolbar which contains controls for Thumbs up/down, Share, etc.

  3. Once downloaded, you can find all the videos on or from a button on the side navigation panel

android font says it should work on the latest versions of Windows, macOS, and Chrome OS. It’s also only in testing until October 19.

You can download up to 1080p resolution and remove downloaded episodes from the settings menu. We’d love to see YouTube keep this feature after the test period ends, because having to deal with sketchy browser extensions or other tools to download videos for offline viewing is a horrible situation.

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